Peer Review Process

Received manuscripts will be handled by one of the Editors-in-Chief.

The papers can be directly  rejected by the Editor-in-Chief due to its low quality or because it is does not fit to the topics of the journal. Revised or modified versions of papers already rejected will not be considered.

Then, the manuscript will be assigned to one of the Section Editors who can also reject the paper.

After this process, the paper will be sent to, at least, one external referee in a blind peer review.  The editor will send the author(s) the reports made by the referees. In ocassions, the Section Editor or the Editor-in-Chief can also propose some modifications to the paper. Then the author should send the revised  version of the paper. The Section Editor proposes the publication of the paper to the Editors-in-Chief and the final decision is adopted.

Proof-prints of accepted papers will be available for authors by means of our online system. Authors should examine them carefully and send by e-mail the misprints observed. Modifications of the paper's content are not allowed in print-proofs.